Military Diet Plan for the health conscious

There is a saying healthy mind in a healthy body. There are perils of being overweight, apart from increasing food bills problems like diabetes, weaker legs, weaker knees, painful foot and this usually get worse as the weight increases. Weight increase can be linked directly to increase in diseases and a poor family life, inability to do everyday chores, depending on others for small things. 

Doctors usually have BMI(Body mass index) on record for the patient they feel might have high BMI and will warn if it goes the limit for a healthy person. Staying fit is the key to a long life, good mood, good immune system, good family life and lots more. Eating healthy is the first step to staying fit followed by a regular exercise routine even if is just for 20 minutes everyday , it keeps the body flexible, prevents fat deposits on the limbs, back and prevent backaches.

Eating a balanced diet on daily basis is the biggest factor in staying fit, getting enough proteins, calcium, magnesium, vitamins for overall efficient working of the human body and prevent building up of cholesterol in the body. There is a diet plan for controlling weight gain and help with weight loss quite quickly with out the need of any medication or supplements and it is popularly called "Military Diet", initially three day military diet.

While this military diet plan will get anybody slightly overweight ,back in shape in 3-4 weeks time but a strict diet plan has to be followed that provides necessary proteins, vitamins needed by the body and also checks the fat deposits and lower cholesterol with a healthy diet plan. Once this starts working and you are losing weight than you will see uplifting of mood, find easier to bend and tier shoelaces or pick up a pen from the floor. Of course feel lighter and happier too, you will certainly thank military diet results .

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